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When.Do is our first app offering. It is a light-weight and customisable Android To Do List app that is designed to help you organize your life and boost your productivity. You can work with a single checklist of to-dos, or have a number of lists sorted into different notebooks. It also allows seamless sync with Google Tasks.

Following is a detailed list of features:

​​Use Multiple Accounts
- You can either work with a local account or add multiple Google Tasks Accounts. Switching between accounts is easy.
- With a Google Tasks Account, two-way synchronization is done seamlessly. The app works with or without an internet connection. When.Do will make sure that your data is synced when the internet is available.
- Features not supported by Google Tasks such as notebooks, recurring tasks and reminder times are NOT synced across devices. All other data such as your lists, tasks and due dates for each task are synced across devices, if you use multiple devices.
- With a local account, the app is still fully functional, but all your data is stored only locally.

- Organize your Tasks and To Do Lists into Notebooks.
- Swap Notebooks with the click of a button.

Easy Navigation
- Slide left or right to navigate between lists.
- When viewing/editing a task, slide left or right to navigate between different tasks from a particular list.

Easy Sorting
- Choose from five different sorting options: due-date, completed, urgent, alphabetic or user-defined order.
- When ordering yourself, drag and drop to change order and to create sub-tasks.

Expand/Collapse Sub-tasks
- Expand/Collapse sub-tasks tree to avoid visual clutter.
- Choose to hide/show completed tasks.

Search Tasks
- Perform an alphabetic search to instantly find the tasks you are looking for, and edit them there and then.

Organize with ease
- Move tasks across lists, and lists across notebooks.
- Color code lists for easy identification.
- Tag tasks as urgent to make them stand out.
- Easily create sub-tasks from a contextual menu.

All Tasks List
- Activate the 'All Tasks' list to see all your tasks from all your lists in a particular notebook in one place, either sorted by due-date or by list name.

Reminders and Recurring Tasks
- Never forget a critical task. Set reminders to get reminded before or at the due time with notifications.
- For recurring tasks, set a repeat frequency, so that the task's due date and reminder is automatically updated when it is marked as completed.
- Set custom repeat frequencies such as every x weeks, months or days etc.

Light/Dark Themes
- Choose between a light and a dark theme.

Home-screen Widget
- Create as many widgets as you like.
- Choose any list from any notebook, belonging to any account, to show on the widget.
- Choose from multiple sorting options and themes and font sizes.
- Mark tasks as complete, add new tasks, or navigate to a task directly from the widget.
- Add a 1x1 icon widget, if that is your preference, to open a particular list, or to add a new task to a particular list.

Interactive Notifications
- Mark Tasks as completed, or snooze task reminders from the notifications without the need to open the app.
- Choose notification sound and vibrate option from the Settings.


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Our development team is made up of top-notch talent that is focused on innovation, creativity, and user-focused design and interaction.

For any queries, please feel free to email us at our support email given below:

"Don't doubt it. This is the best app you can get. If you are of those who make plans and then want to work from a list, this app will help you so much."

- Nelson Mendez Jr.


"My favourite to-do list app. You can make it how simple (single list) or complex you want (multiple lists in different notebooks). I love being able to push an item to the right to make it look like a small step. I can choose to hide or display completed tasks. Some other apps made this a premium feature. Being able to position an item helps with prioritising. The widget - omg, I basically put it on my first screen with my clock. I use paper lists for bullet journaling. This app allow me to mimic the BuJo process very well digitally. Thanks and keep up the good work."

- Catherine Hu

"This is a fantastic app! I have been using it for only a week or two, so I cannot be sure yet how it will work out permanently, but so far it does everything I need and keeps surprising me with great features. It has a very solid, stable feel to it and I have experienced NO bugs or quirks. Unlimited notebooks or containers can be created. Each notebook can contain unlimited divisions or projects. Each division can contain unlimited items or tasks. I have not tried it yet, but I hear that each item has unlimited expandability for sub-items, such as sub-tasks. The developer is very responsive and emailed me right away"​